Microblading Semi-Permanent Makeup

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Microblading Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading is also known as semi permanent makeup. This treatment has shown excellent result when it is done under the guidance of some experts. This technique has helped in improving the shape and appearance of the face and gives you the desire shape of your face. This technique is also helpful in framing of eye, eyebrows and breasts. Microblading is the solution for different types of problems such filling of lips to restoring the normal shape of the breasts after cancer. Microblading has some risks just like some other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Microblading Semi-Permanent Make Up Treatment Includes

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Eyebrow Enhancement

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Eye Line

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Eyelash Enhancement

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Lip Line

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Lip Blush

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Full Lip Colour

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Areola Reconstruction

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Scar Skin Camouflage

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Cleft Lip Reconstruction

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Hair Simulation

Semi-permanent make up can give your face a durable and stunning look, creates beautiful eyes, recreates beautiful brows and give your face a natural and fresh look. Therefore, you will no need to make up every day.
This treatment can give your face a long-lasting and dramatic appearance. Moreover it also helps in making the eyes and brows beautiful. This surgery also gives a natural and a glowing appearance to the face and after that there is no need for doing make up regularly.

What Can Be Achieved With Semi-Permanent Make-Up / Microblading?

Microblading can cure fine lines which lies on deep layer of the skin and it gives very natural result other than regular makeup. Microblading gives a natural looking effect with some techniques like lip enhancement and eyebrow tattoos. These makeup stays till the time you want so there is no need to be worried about aging sign.
Semi – permanent make up can achieve fine light lines of colour which can be subtly layered to create natural results indistinguishable from regular makeup.

How the procedure of Microblading is done?

First a proper consultation is taken from the patient after that skin colour is analysed to check which type of makeup look will be more suitable. Then colour matching will be done with the help of pharmaceutical grade pigments. For adding pigments on the upper layer of the skin an airbrush type of gun is use and sometimes a cream is also applied for numbing the area. In the first few days after the treatment the colour of the pigment will be dark and the surrounding areas will be little bit red in colour, but scabbing may be present in some cases. For seeing the complete result of the procedure after few days, retouch test may be needed.

Popular Treatment Areas Of Microblading Semi-Permanent Make Up


Microblading can give very natural looking eye brows and multiple colours are used in creating a fuller and beautiful eyebrows. This procedure is the best for those who have suffered from hair loss due to alopecia or who have bald patches of eyebrows. Moreover this process can give natural shape to eyebrows and can also add length to the end to the end where eyebrows are missing. Fuller eyebrows can be used for giving a more youthful look to the face. This technique is used for lifting the eyebrow and for giving an uplifted look to eyebrows.


Semi-permanent makeup or Microblading are used for reshaping of the lips and also add volume to one or both lips. This procedure is used to completely change the appearance and structure of the lips. Moreover, it also slightly changes the colour of the lip. This process is mainly for those who have lost the shape, volume and colour of their lips. In this procedure lip line is retracted to give a natural appearance to the lips. It can be done naturally by making a fade line into the centre of lips. For making a natural tint sometimes colour is also added. For making a glamorous make up look clear lip gloss can be added.


It can be done in three situations

Semi Permanent Procedure

Semi-permanent procedure of breasts reconstruction surgery can result in very natural looking breasts, however many people worry about the appearance of their areola and the nipple after surgery. It is usually considered the best long term solution for this problem. Pigments can be used to create a natural looking nipple and areola as well as covering up any post-operative scarring giving those who have undertaken breast surgery their confidence back.

Scar Coverage

Semi-permanent makeup is becoming a popular way of transforming burns, scars and postoperative scars. It often achieves excellent results when used to camouflage scars that are a different colour from the natural skin colour and can be useful in restructuring the texture of the skin to give a more natural look.

How Long Do Effect of Microblading Lasts?

The effect of microblading lasts minimum for some months. Most of the patient can see the result for till two years after the procedure and can wear colourful top-ups as long as they want.

Does It Microblading Hurt?

Actually, the Semi-permanent or tattooed make-up is not painful as having a regular tattoo, however some people may feel the sensation just like having their eyebrows plucked. Some surgeons will use local anaesthesia to numb the area.

What Are The Risks And Complications With Semi-Permanent Make Up

There are very few risks and complications associated with Semi-permanent make up. Like other cosmetic procedures, some people may feel rare side effects like allergic reaction. Scarring is also very common and rare.

Who Can Get Benefit From Microblading Semi-Permanent Make Up?

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