Birthmark Removal

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Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal

Birthmark is a skin discoloration which is present mainly from birth or it appears some time after birth. In some cases they can be hereditary or can even disappear itself but in some case they can also can last till lifetime.

Types Of Birthmarks

Pigmentation-type birthmarks
This type of birthmark consists of moles, mongolian spot, coffee-cream spot. Mole is a pigmented skin spot mainly they do not cause any harm but in some case their size can become big and it can be cancerous also.

Macular stains (salmon patches)

These are very thin, light pink, flat patches of discoloration.

Vascular malformations

These are caused by abnormal development of blood vessels and are almost always present from birth. Port-wine stains, a very common birthmark, are a type of vascular malformation and can be found anywhere on the body


Hemangioma are the lesion which are seen after few weeks when the infant is born. They are basically caused by the tiny blood vessels which are fused to form during the first six to nine months in patients life. They are mainly seen around the head and neck of the baby.

Benefits of Birthmarks Removal

There are lot of benefits of birthmark removal, usually the process doesn’t cause any pain and it doesn’t require any administration of aesthesia. Only there will be a small tingling sensation be felt just like snapping of rubber band. You are not required to stay in hospital and the recovery of the procedure is also very short. If there is any tenderness or bruising they will go within a week. Your self- confidence will be improved and there is no age limit for removing birth mark.

Patient Characteristics

In general, ideal candidates include those who are in good health, both physically and psychologically and who

There are different ways that a birthmark can be removed, depending upon its type, size, location and other factors.

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Laser Therapy

This form of treatment can be done at any age and it needs several sittings. Lasers are used in treatment of birthmarks which lies very close to the skin surface such as port-wine stains. During this treatment short bursts of laser lights are used which shrinks the birthmark and can even stop the growth also.

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Surgery is opted when the other method have failed to give the result. Hemangioma which is seen on the internal organ of the screen requires general anesthesia.

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Mainly steroids are prescribed for removing birthmarks. These medicines are used in treatment of different types of birth marks

Birthmarks Removal Procedure

Laser uses a high pulse of energy which are used for removing birthmark. This treatment will take some minutes to few hour to complete depending on its severity. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia and it is completely painless. Only slight tingling sensation is being felt during thus procedure Laser light tightens the birthmark and dark tones. This is also used for removing birth marks of lighter colour.
You don’t need to take any anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, for 2 weeks before the treatment.

Recovery after Procedure

The time taken for recovery after hair transplant procedure is very short. You may have some swelling and discomfort of the procedure which will go within a week. After some time you will notice that the area has become purple after 10 days of the procedure. Around 6 to 8 weeks is needed for healing.

How Much Pain Is Associated With Birthmark Removal?

You have to avoid yourself from scratching of the treated area and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. You are told to use good sunscreen while going outside.

Risks Associated With Birthmark Removal

There are usually no risk of birthmark removal. In some cases you may have some have some bruising, scabbing and skin tone problems. In some cases there will be appearance of dark patches which are surrounded by lighter skin. If birth mark has been removed surgically it can cause bleeding, infection or even scars formation.

What Is The Cost Of Birthmark Removal?

The costs for birthmark removal vary depending on the method used and the size of the area to be treated.

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